38″ x 83″ Cat Resistant Door Screen- Cat Resistant Mesh Screen with Zipper to Stop Cats Running Out- Pet Door Screen Cats Screen Door with Hook and Loop Tape for Cat Pet Home Living Room Doors



Do you want your cat to stay in the room but feel that the air does not circulate when the door is closed?
Has the cats screen door of your house been scratched by cats many times?
Come and try our pet resistant door screen!
This will not disappoint you!

1.Our cat resistant door screen is made of nano-materials, strong and durable, not afraid of cats scratching.
2. Our cat resistant mesh screen uses hook and loop tape for pasting, which is very easy and convenient to install.
3. The pet door screen is designed with internal and external double zippers, which can prevent cats from entering and leaving the room, and also provides convenience for your entry and exit.

– Quantity: 1 pet door screen + 1 roll of hook and loop tape.
– Material: Nano material.
-Color: White.
– Size: 38″ x 83″.

Warm Tips:
– Plastic doors, ceramic tiles, marble, stainless steel, wooden doors and other smooth surfaces can be pasted, and the areas with dark lines, dust, wood slag, rust, dampness, or heavy oil can not stick firmly.
– Because the adhesive accessories are highly viscous, when you use them in wooden frames, wood-grain frames, painted wooden frames, painted walls, wallpaper walls, etc., after uncovering it, there may be peeling, paint peeling, dust peeling, etc., please evaluate it before using the adhesive accessories(It will be better to use a hair dryer while heating and peeling).
– If the cat is more naughty and treats the pet door screen as a cat climbing frame, likes to challenge, rushes out without restraint, likes to scratch, etc., our pet door screen may still be scratched. Before you purchase, please evaluate the destructive power of your own home sight.

Package Include: Our products include a pet resistant door screen with a large left “U” style, and a roll of hook and loop tape with a length of 256″, which is very sticky and you don’t have to worry about the screen falling off easily and can be used for a long time.
Durable Nano Material: Our cat resistant door screen made of nano mesh material is stronger and more durable than ordinary glass fiber materials, and can withstand the scratching of cat’s claws without breaking. In addition, its material is soft and can be easily rubbed and cleaned for repeated use.
Suitable Size: The size of the cats screen door is about 38″ x 83″, the suitable door size is about 35″-36″ wide, and the length is between 80″-81″ (not including the size of the door frame, you need to confirm in advance whether the size is appropriate before purchasing), and it can be widely used in various doors: front doors, back doors, decks, balconies, porches, patios, sliding doors and so on.
Effective Anti-cat: We have designed a double zipper inside and outside on the cat resistant mesh screen, which is convenient for you to open the door screen. Besides, its adhesive and hook and loop tape are very strong, and the screen will not be scratched off by the cat. It can effectively stop cats from running out of the room, while keeping the air circulating, and it can also effectively prevent biting creatures from flying in.
Easy to Install & Remove: You don’t need to use other tools, just stick the glue on the back of the hook and loop tape to the door frame and then paste the pet door screen. But it should be noted that please clean the surface of the door frame before installation, and then compare the size of the screen with your door to leave enough edges.


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