PUPBEBEE Dog Fences Indoor, Dog Gate for Stairs and Doorways, Portable Folding Magic Pet Gate for Dogs or Cats Smallˇ Pet gate_DBT-Small_3 Pet gate_DBT-Small_3


Note: Please accurately measure the size of the installation location before purchasing to choose a suitable door gate for dogs. This dog gate indoor is very suitable for small or quiet pets. For extremely active and strong pets, this adjustable dog gate may not be able to guarantee the effect you expect. Features:  Our dog door gate is made of tough, translucent nylon woven mesh, which can resist pets torn and ensure that this indoor dog gate will not be bitten or torn.  The package of Our dog gate mesh is equipped with instructions with illustrations to help you complete the installation.  This folding dog gate adopts self-adhesive design, no drilling, no tools, and no damage to the mounting surface.  Super sticky hooks, not easy to fall off. Two size options, suitable for any place you want to install, including doorways, stairs, bedrooms, kitchens, restaurants, corridors, etc.  Details:  Product name: puppy gate, puppy playpen, gates for pets, cat door for interior door, doggy door, doggie gates for indoors/stairs  Material: nylon mesh + stainless steel  Weight: 10 ounce  Package includes: 1 x nylon mesh, 1 x Product manual, 2 x stainless steel telescopic rod, 8 x self-adhesive hooks 
MATERIAL UPGRADE: This mesh dog gate is made of tough nylon woven mesh, which is strong and durable, not easy to be bitten or torn by dogs or cats. The stickiness of the sticky hook is further strengthened, the fixing effect is better, and it is not easy to fall off.
EASY LOADING AND UNLOADING: When installing this pet doors for dogs, there is no need to drill holes or any tools. Wipe the smooth surface of the door frame and stick the self-adhesive hook on the door frame, and hang the dog door on the sticky hook. The loading and unloading is simple and easy. Will not damage the surface of the door. We have equipped you with 8 sticky hooks, enough for your daily use and replacement!
EASY STORAGE: When you don’t need to set up a pet playpen, you can shorten the stainless steel telescopic rod and fold the nylon woven net for easy storage and space saving.
MULTI-SIZE SELECTION: Our pet fence has 2 sizes: 43.3″x 28.3″/70.9″x 28.3″, suitable for installation in most places in your home, such as doorways, stairs, bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. If you need a pet gates extra wide, please choose a larger size.
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: The self-adhesive hook of this pet safety gate is suitable for smooth ceramic tiles, glass, metal plates, UV/PVC boards, painted boards, marble and wood surfaces. Not suitable for rough surfaces, such as whitewashed walls, rough cement walls, brick walls, wallpaper, etc. After installation, please let it stand for 24 hours, the indoor dog fence will be fixed more firmly.


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