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Why You Should Not Use a Retractable Dog Leash

Mankind has been using dog leashes since dog and man became friends. But when it comes to retractable leashes,  many professionals have a few concerns when they are not used correctly! Below, I will explain two reasons why a retractable leash is not a top dog supply

Btw, if you need a high quality leash, I highly recommend a 6 foot dog leash made out of leather or biothane.

These days, many people are starting to favor biothane leashes because it is easier to clean and care for compared to leather leashes.

Retractable Leashes can Break Easily Compared to a Standard Leash.

You ever heard of KISS? It stands for keep it simple stupid and the same goes for using something as simple as a dog leash. The problem with retractable dog leashes is that it contains a number of moving parts that can break overtime.  If your dog leash breaks, this can become a serious safety issue if there are other dogs and kids around. A biothane dog leash will not have this problem.

Retractable Leashes Can Cause Injuries to the Handler

Most retractable leashes on the market use a very thin wire cord. This cord is so thin it can cut through flesh if the right amount of force is applied.

Not only this, if a retractable leash fails to lock while a dog is pulling, some people will instinctively grab the cord with the bare hands which can cause injury.

The Long Retractable Length of the Leash Can Cause Unexpected Problems

Another feature of a retractable leashes is that the length of the leash can span 10 feet to 30 feet, and that is too long! The risk of entanglement is certainly high.  Additionally, when walking near traffic, a long leash allows a dog to go certain lengths causing it to go out into the middle of the road. A simple 6 foot dog leash made out of leather or biothane will not have this problem.

All in all, the purpose of a dog leash is to simply keep your dog in control and out of danger at all times . Keep it simple and enjoyable.

Retractable dog leashes are marketed to be a convenient dog tool to allow more freedom for dogs but this reduced the safety of our dog and the handler’s well-being. Bottom line, keep it simple and use a standard 6ft dog leash.

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